Access Control

Protect your business with access control — an electronic system that allows people to access specific parts of your business at particular times.

Access control systems are crucial to both home and business security systems. Easily control and monitor when your doors are locked or unlocked. Control these home access systems with key cards, key fobs, or even from your cell phone. No matter what type of business you run, protecting yourself from unwanted visitors is a critical concern. If you’re relying on a conventional lock and key system for access control, you are putting your business at risk. Keys can be lost or copied.

West Wind Security offers all of its customers with smart ways in which they can ensure the protection of their employees and assets with the help of our scalable control solutions. We understand the needs of our clients and then provide them access solutions that are optimized to their requirements. We are committed towards helping businesses get high quality security solutions, and ensuring that they get a safe environment for their employees and assets.

Indoor and Outdoor Access Control Systems

We can install both indoor and outdoor access control panels. Our indoor systems allow you to precisely control access within your facilities, while our outdoor control panels maintain perimeter security. All access control systems are easy to program and built for years of use. Outdoor panels are designed to withstand all weather conditions.

Centrally Managed Access

We will provide you with complete management of your access system, done by our experienced security specialists. You get greater flexibility for managing your access control with our hosted solutions.

Home Access Control Systems

Break-ins often occur through an unlocked front door. Our access control systems help to ensure that your doors are always protected. Our state of the art residential access control systems gives you a complete overview of locks, doors and all access points into your house. You can control all entry points to your home from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop making it easy to lock and unlock doors at the touch of a button.


 7 Benefits of Access Control Systems

 1- No More Lost Keys

 2- Know Who’s Coming and Going

 3- No Undetected Strangers

 4- Reduce Chaos of After-hour Shifts

 5- Secure Sensitive Information

 6- Increase Safety

 7- Reduce Theft and Accidents