Video Surveillance

With our wide selection of security cameras and top rated advanced software we will always match the system that can fit your needs and budget.

West Wind Security Solutions can help you accomplish your Video Surveillance goals. We have many options; even have a new camera system that works with older technology, allowing you to keep your existing system if that makes the most sense. We will use a consultative approach and guide you the best solution; then deliver it!

When it comes to security cameras, you can trust that West Wind Security has the latest technologies. Video Surveillance Cameras are a security component that gives your home or your business eyes to see.

We utilize a variety of components to make this happen including NVRs, DVRs, Switches, HDMI cables, hubs and extenders, Monitors, Routers, Wifi Extenders, Connectors, Cables, Mounts and more.

West Wind Security has a experience in a variety Commercial, Industrial and Residential environments including HOA’s, Retail, Medical, Offices, Restaurants, Clubs, Hotels, Apartments, Warehouse, Churches, Plants, and more.

from $145

Bullet-style Camera

Bullet Cameras are normally used in commercial / industrial outdoor settings. It provides good sun and weather protection and adjustable mounting locations. One potential drawback is someone can easily see which area the camera is covering. When the mounting surface is solid, we normally use a back box and some have them built in which is important to keep the connection clean and dry.

from $130

Dome Cameras

We also have rugged vandal dome cameras. Often we use these on a horizontal surface perhaps underneath a gutter and any type of ceiling mount you’d like to use the dome cameras. Domes cameras also come in vari-focal and have infrared illuminators built in so you can see in total darkness. Vandal Dome can get dirty and sometime cause IR reflection. We often use them when the mounting location is lower and possible accessible because they are so tough. 

from $130

Turret Cameras

The camera are very popular as they combine elements of the bullet and dome style cameras. They have a manually adjustable base whose access can manually move up and down and left to right. We normally use these cameras above ground level where the protection of the camera is less of a concern. They perform well in variety of weather and have good low light function, similar to the bullet style. 

from $450

Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras

We also have pan tilt zoom cameras, which can cover a whole parking lot – we can do that. The camera are normally used when a guard / operator is available to track and follow something suspicious. High-end units can utilize auto-tracking.

from $260

Fisheye 360 Cameras

These 360 cameras are great for looking down over stuff. The magic happens when the software dewarps the 360 image and renders it into multiple images.


Consultation / Estimate


4 camera system

from $810

8 camera system (Popular)

from $1500

16 camera system

from $2860

Installation / Labor

from $80/hr



7 reasons to install video surveillance system

      1. Video Surveillance Can Help Prevent Shoplifting & Theft
      2. Video Surveillance Can Prevent Employee Theft
      3. Protects Against Burglary
      4. Improves Outside Security for Customers and Employees
      5. Security Cameras Can Lower The Risk of Vandalism
      6. Improve Employee Productivity and Business Operations
      7. 24/7 Peace of Mind