Burglar Alarm

At the heart of any safety solution is an intrusion system that keeps you protected and connected

At the heart of any safety solution is an intrusion system that keeps you protected and connected. We provide a comprehensive evaluation that takes your home, pets, business’s staff, assets and nuances into account. With a combination of the latest technology, intelligent recommendations and experienced installation, your custom intrusion system will meet your needs and exceed expectations. Your detection system can be easily tracked through the internet or any web-enabled mobile device – ensuring you are always in-the-know regardless of where you are.

Hardwired Systems

Wired security systems aren’t susceptible to electromagnetic or structural interference, so the signals are more reliable.

They require virtually no upkeep because there are no batteries to swap out or charge. You also won’t end up with an unexpected power failure from poor battery life. Recommended for Commercial.

Wireless Systems

With a wireless system, you won’t have to worry about drilling holes or making other modifications, so wireless is an attractive option for renters, historic homes, or buildings with significant interior brick, stone, or marble construction.

App/Web controlled

With the use of a security application, you can access your entire home alarm and automation system from a single screen — even when you’re far from home. Control your system from anywhere with a mobile app on your smartphone, tablet, computer or even a smart watch.



Security System Facts

 37.6% Reduction in Business & Commercial Theft

63% Increase in Employee Efficiency

60% Of Convicted Burglars Avoid Homes with Security Cameras

34% Of Intruders Enter Through the Front Door