License Plate Recognition Camera

New standard for License Plate Recognition Cameras

The HC121-TS8C-Z sets a new standard for License Plate Recognition Cameras, and you will love the accuracy and performance. ANPR stands for ‘Automatic Number Plate Recognition’ and is a specialized Camera designed to capture and recognize Vehicle License Plates. If you are looking for a high performance IP Camera to read license plates at your facility then look no further. A multitude of features need to come together to accurately perform the ANPR functions for your application. The HC121-TS8C-Z employs a Starlight Optical Sensor capable of capturing and recognizing vehicles in low light environments. Therefore, plates can be captured from stopped or moving vehicles, therefore you can deploy this camera in multiple applications. This is due to a 60fps (Frames Per Second) Video Frame Rate which allows for better image capture and higher quality video.

Other HC121-TS8C-Z Uniview ANPR Camera Features:

The HC121-TS8C-Z, ANPR Camera has a Motorized Zoom, 4.7-47mm Lens with Auto Focus. Therefore, you can deploy this camera in a wide variety of situations. Are you concerned about redundant storage? No problem, a built in 8GB eMMC with expansion up to 256GB provides data storage in case your network is lost. You may have heard of this referred to as ‘Edge Storage’ or Redundancy. Data stored on the Camera is then automatically backed up to the NVR after your network is restored. In addition, you can set the LPR Camera for Road Mode or Entry/Exit Mode ensuring even more flexibility. Even better, this IP Bullet Camera is IP67 Weatherproof and IK10 Vandal Proof so you get maximum protection in harsh environments! If you are looking for a Camera to Capture and Recognize License Plates for your facility, then give us a call today.

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